Week 21 Jammin

05 Feb 2020

I was at the Edinburgh Global Game Jam over the weekend and with four others we made Insufficient Storage, a game about an android returning home from war. The game has a great story, music that changes at each stage and some awesome artwork. It was written in Clojure using the JavaFX UI library. This was my first attempt at using Clojure and I learnt a lot, but I’m not going to be rewriting Dwerg Saga in it. The really useful stuff that functional programming provides (map, reduce and filter) are already available in C# in the Linq libraries. I often, half-jokingly, remark to functional purists that language needs both nouns and verbs. My colleague at the game jam responded that the data are the nouns in functional programming languages. Something I’ll have to consider.

I took a couple of days break after the Game Jam so there’s nothing new to report there. I’ve applied to the UK Games Fund and making the pitch video for that will be the focus of the next week. If I have time I will pick up the other work I mentioned last week.

- Jock

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