Week 54 Squishin Bugs

23 Sep 2020

This week has been all about fixing bugs. Nothing too interesting except the stockpiles issuing jobs for items that were no longer desired. Sounds like a weird bug, why would that even happen? Stockpiles run their own searches, updated every tick, that finds regions containing desired items. When a Dwerg asks for a job they are told to search the closest item-containing region. The bug was occurring because the searched regions were not being updated in a handful of situations; stockpiles un-stocking items and items being picked up from a stack of items.

My routine has slowly changed over the last month. I’ve extended my morning walks to include a circuit round a local park and take a walk after lunch or in the evening, sometimes both. I’ve not vaped for a month now and I would say I feel less anxious. I’ve slowly reduced my Nicorette gum intake and now average 2 pieces per day. There were a few sleepless nights to begin with but I feel like that’s settled down.

With some help from my patrons I’ve decided to change releases from monthly to be when features are complete. This will be an interesting challenge as I will need to define the scope of features in a bit more detail and make sure they are complete vertical slices. I’d like to make releases no more than three months apart.

For the next week I’ll be defining the next feature, estimating how long it will take and getting started on it.

- Jock

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