Week 57 Stoked

14 Oct 2020

Mouse eats fruit video Mice Eat Fruit

On Thursday I got back into the game by first taking an hour to play-test, noting down small improvements and a couple of possible larger tasks. I’ve been having some doubts about my decision to make a risk and reward progression, part of the reason I did something different last week, and I wanted to get back into it slowly.

On Friday I did a few bug-fixes and then realised there was a good opportunity to introduce stockpiles at the end of the tutorial on food. I’ve had mice in the game for a while and making them eat any food they find lying around provides motivation to bring fruit inside to a stockpile.

On Monday and Tuesday I started work on the first task for bronze-working, adding the Furnace Operator responsibility. Feeling in the mood for some pixel art I made a sprite.

Dwerg Stoker

The title of “Furnace Operator” sounds too formal so I’ve decided they will call themselves “Stokers”.

It’s been a slow start but I have a good list of tasks and reckon I should have a release with bronze-working ready in two to three weeks.

- Jock

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