Week 64 Copperpede Cavern

26 Nov 2020

Copperpede Cavern video

This week I spent altogether too much time procrastinating over how bars of metal should be smelted. Now the Dwergs will use either copper and tin ores, smelted metal bars, or any combination, to make bronze. Smelting re-uses much of the crafting code that was added with the crude workshop but has a distinct job icon. Furnaces also use fuel; wood is sufficient for smelting copper, tin and bronze.

Copperpedes now spawn in caverns as they are uncovered which makes the world below a much more dangerous place. Luckily for the Dwergs the next piece of work is to add various weapons and armour to the crude workshop.

This week I’ve also been seeking contract work, updating my resume and doing the virtual networking tango. My rough plan is to do approximately six months of contract work starting January. I’ll try to keep weekly updates going but the content is likely to be reduced.

- Jock

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