Year 1 Release 0.15

09 Sep 2020

It’s been a year and I still love doing this. How about you dear patron/valued customer/casual observer? Are you satisfied with my progress? Am I focussing on the right things? What would you like to see more/less of in the next year?

This week was one of those rare beauties where I did what I said I’d do; I finished the Flintworms, added a tutorial on combat, added the health tab to the UI and indicated when a Dwerg is damaged. Conscious of the known bug in last month’s build, I finished feature work on Monday to focus on testing. I found a number of serious bugs, mostly in networked games, the best one being the pets doubling in number every time I quit and re-joined.

For the next week I know I’ll be upgrading everything to .NET Core 3.1. I’m going to take a few days to reflect on the year so far, seek some advice on what to do next and figure out some rough milestones for the next three months.

Release Notes for version 0.15.0

Release 0.15 is now available for $3 patrons on

Known Issues:



- Jock

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