Week 23 Dog Sittin

19 Feb 2020

Most of this week I was looking after my sister’s dog, Rita.

Rita the dog

Super-cute, full of energy and reminds me Dwergs definitely need pets. I’m thinking bears.

It’s been another slow development week, having only my Mac laptop to work on and needing to do UI work wasn’t the best; edit-and-continue is a feature I use a lot for this but it’s not available in Visual Studio for Mac. I’d forgotten how much attention young dogs demand and Into The Breach is so damn good.

Yesterday I uninstalled Into The Breach and finished up the UI layout, here’s a screenshot.

Latest UI Layout

The Information Panel in the bottom-right corner needs some attention which I’ll get done today and then it’s on to stockpiles.

Stockpiles is the first piece of engineering work in the plan I made for the UK Games Fund pitch. It has got me thinking about how jobs for agents are prioritised. The best implementation I’ve seen for this is RimWorld’s and I’m tempted to copy it.

RimWorld Priorities

Currently I have one job-provider but it would be straightforward to make a separate one for each type of job. Whenever an agent asks for a job, sort the providers based on the agent’s priorities. This implementation could be scaled for large clans by allowing users to group their agents.

As no one is using the Cloud Service, it’s costing me over $100 per month and my patrons don’t object, I will be disabling it tomorrow. If you want to try the service, message me and I will enable it again.

I hoped to carry out some customer interviews this week but I’ve not found any volunteers yet. I’ll be pursuing that further this week.

The Creative Bridges course has asked us to come up with three values for our companies. As Dwerg Saga aspires to eventually teach players something about themselves, my first company value is “Know yourself”. My second company value is aimed at engineering: “First, Do No Harm”. The third can wait until there’s more than one person in the company.

- Jock

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