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Welcome to Dwerg Saga and a world of deep storytelling. Guide your clan of Dwergs as they establish a new home in the untamed wilderness. Watch as they forge friendships, sing tales of their forefathers, suffer the pangs of unrequited love, take up arms and seek adventure wherever you take them.

In Dwerg Saga you play as the chief of a clan starting a new home in the wilderness. See dramatic and believable stories develop from the interactions between Dwergs, their environment and what they build. The personality of your chief is determined by your scores on a personality test.

The cloud service allowed interacting with a persistent shared world that is mapped to the real world. As well as playing privately, you could simultaneously play together with others in your vicinity. Due to cost and lack of interest the cloud service has been temporarily disabled until funding goals have been achieved. Dwerg Saga can be played multiplayer in the demo version from

Dwerg Saga is being designed with usability as a key feature so it's easy to pick up and play anywhere and anytime.


The demo version of the game is updated intermittently. The persistent, shared-universe version of the game is updated as new features are completed and available to $3-tier patrons.


What I am working on currently and for the next six months:

  1. Contracting

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