Week 49 Workshops

19 Aug 2020

Workshop Crafting video Workshop Crafting

This week has been mostly about workshops. Dwergs can now make flint axes and picks and wooden spades. The workshop UI is working; work-queues are updated as the user adds them and as Dwergs make items, work-queues can be repeated, copied, pasted and cleared, workshops can be disabled, priority and worker-skill set. There remain a handful of tasks around destroying workshops and giving more feedback about materials required.

Flint is the first valuable resource so the next step is to add some risk in obtaining it. The intention is to teach the user that the deeper they dig the greater the risks and they should be prepared. The actual risk will be very small.

I’ve started work on seasonal tile-sets to complement the change in music over the seasons. This is a fairly large task and the main motivator is for a soundtrack cover so the first piece of work will just be for a few tiles.

I added planting of grass and trees with the farm tool. At some point I’ll add a tool to collect seeds, until then seeds are randomly dropped when grass or trees are removed or harvested.

On Sunday I dropped in to StikkzMedia’s live Twitch stream to see a different approach to making games. He’s using Construct3 which looks like an excellent tool for rapid development and it has a visual-code editor so no programming skills necessary.

I took Monday and Tuesday off this week so I did not make as much progress as I would have liked. For the next week I’ll be finishing off workshops, doing a few more seasonal tiles and starting on the monster encountered near flint.

- Jock

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