Week 88 Fixing

09 May 2021

Sunday was spent fixing bugs, play-testing and then experimenting with a lit forge animation. The animation suggested forges should have a bellows as part of the workshop. On Monday I continued with bug-fixing and quality of life fixes.

With contracting and some other work, I didn’t get back to the Dwergs until the weekend. I added a war hammer weapon on Friday and stored hazardous locations in save-games on Saturday.

On Saturday evening I did some play-testing and there was a brief moment when I was actually having fun! The beginnings of some gameplay in figuring out the size of a cavern by mining around it and deciding whether or not to open it up given how well equipped the Dwergs are. There needs to be a bit of explanation in the tutorial to warn the player that the caverns are dangerous and hint that larger caverns are more dangerous.

I applied for a Twitter developer account with the idea of running a game where the Dwergs tweet their stories. When you apply for a Twitter developer account you have to explain what it is that you are going to do. Once you fill that in they send you an email … asking you the exact same questions. Twits. A bit of marketing but not something I want to get into right now.

Despite having fun on Saturday there were a small number of new bugs but a larger number of tweaks I want to make to the controls and tools. For the next week I will continue with bug-fixing and improvements.

- Jock

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