Week 110 Piles Of Stock

09 Oct 2021

Stockpile Defaults video Stockpile Defaults

Sorting through my list of tasks and sending about half of them to the backlog and I think ‘compost heap’ is a better name.

I made a short detour off the critical path to make an improvement to the job allocations.

I’ve got 26 (now 15) tasks remaining before the workshop tutorials. It’s October and I want to release in early November. I should be doing the workshop tutorials now.

Steadily chipping away at the bugs. Feels like a release is possible. Maybe time to enquire about hiring a QA person.

Friday morning and Max Kreminski has published another paper on ‘story-sifting’. Here’s the idea: A system monitors events, has authored patterns of stories and maintains a set of advancing stories. The system listens for events that initiate new stories, advance or stop existing stories. I imagine this working on top of the Dwergs’ story-logs, drawing the player’s attention to interesting stories. Inspiration for the future.

The rest of Friday I storm through adding stockpile-defaults, some tweaks and tidying this morning and you can see the results in the video.

The remaining tasks before release include a handful of bugs, balancing issues and the workshop tutorials. I’m going to fix the bugs, do the workshop tutorials and then look at the balancing issues.

- Jock

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