Week 111 Tutorials

16 Oct 2021

Workshop Tutorial 4 video Workshop Tutorial 4

It’s Wednesday and I have one thing to do: The Workshop Tutorial. It’s taken a while to get here and thank you, dear patrons, for sticking with me.

I thought a quick test of the existing tutorials was in order first and of course there were some bugs. Fixed now. And then some more bugs to fix on Thursday… When I’m no longer finding bugs so easily, I will hire a QA person.

While I’m making this tutorial I find a larger bug with the tutorials in general. I’m testing the workshop tutorial and I need some flint to build the Butchers but when I mine out the flint a Flintworm appears and that triggers the third tutorial. This replaces the tutorial in progress. Not sure if a stack of tutorials-in-progress is in order or if new tutorials should not start while one is running. This also raises the issue of knowledge; if the tutorials can be triggered in any order I can’t have this new tutorial talking about Flintworms if the player has never encountered them.

In other news, the fantastic puzzle game Solas 128 I had the pleasure of play-testing has been nominated for a BAFTA!

Roguelike Celebration is this weekend, excited!

- Jock

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