Week 137 Dining Rooms

16 Apr 2022

Dining Room video Dining Room

On Saturday afternoon I’m chatting with fellow game developers and if you liked Human: Fall Flat and/or Bridge Constructor be sure to wishlist The Enjenir. I’ve had the pleasure of seeing this game in development over the past year or so and it has always been fun to watch and encouraging to see the progress made. The developer is an actual structural engineer so he knows what he’s doing.

I find a handful of bugs with the latrine but get them fixed on Sunday morning, completing the toilet job task. I complete the audio and story events for the Bladder need on Monday and Tuesday, then get started on the Hunger need work.

Two weeks ago I talked about the problem of having flags transferred by protocol buffers, where they must be integers, and loaded from JSON where they should be strings. The first idea I had for resolving this would result in non-standard protocol buffer files and the second idea would result in duplicate code. On Wednesday morning I have a third idea, a second step in the generation of the source code that adds JSON attributes to the fields.

Tables, stools and dining rooms are being used by Dwergs by Friday afternoon and I get started on the effects of starvation.

Athena finished her critical review and started on test-plans. The review was the hard truth I needed to hear. We spent time discussing on Friday morning and I spent most of Friday reading it over and writing tasks. Athena ordered the tasks by priority and I’ll put them into JIRA with more detail this week. I anticipate addressing some of these issues once the Needs work is complete.

- Jock

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