Week 138 Health Ui

23 Apr 2022

Health UI video Health UI

Taking a break on Sunday I finish off the effects of extreme hunger on Monday. Malnourished and Starving are two new behaviours that function similarly to Irritable introduced a few weeks back.

On Tuesday I start work displaying the health effects of hunger on the UI. The health UI shows the body parts of the Dwerg and selecting one of these shows the details of ill health. After adding Irritable, Malnourished and Starving I hook up the injuries that were added back when I was working on combat.

The health UI work takes me through to Friday and I finish up the week fixing a few bugs.

Athena has been configuring JIRA, writing and executing test-plans and discussing the critical review tasks with me. We now have a selection of small tasks which I expect to start once the current Needs work is complete. After that we will focus on the core gameplay.

Sockventure is out now on Switch. This is the game Frans Hipponen, who was working with me two years ago, went on to make for PC. I don’t own a Switch myself but it looks like the perfect type of game for the platform.

For the next week I’ll be working on the Thirst need and Athena will be creating more test-plans and researching UI in the genre.

- Jock

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