Week 142 Context

21 May 2022

Context-sensitive pick-up video Context-sensitive pick-up

I actually finish all the tasks in the first planned epic on Monday. This is surprising because it’s the date that I planned for three months ago. The fly in the ointment is that I did not schedule any time for play-testing and balancing. Starting that in the afternoon I find a number of bugs so I’m not quite done. Looked good on the report though.

On Tuesday and Wednesday I’m fixing these bugs and finish Wednesday writing a test to verify the armour bug Athena’s playtesting had highlighted. Fixing this I do some playtesting and find the difficulty spike is not so bad.

On Thursday I add a context-sensitive pick-up menu to the Move tool (shown in the video) and finish the week fixing bugs.

Athena has been taking builds through her test-plans, growing and refining them each time.

There are a small number of bugs to address but I’m cautiously optimistic about making a release next week.

PS: If you like serious golf you should definitely try Lazy Monday Games’ Golf Gang.

- Jock

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