Week 149 Curried Building

09 Jul 2022

I make a giant chicken-dhal curry on Saturday, filling twelve Tupperware containers and ensuring a surfeit of gas in my alimentary canal for weeks to come.

I merge in last week’s work on making the Stairs tool only build (and not mine) and re-organise the Build tool to match the designs shown last week. This is finished by Monday and I’m quite happy with the result; it’s mostly data-driven and only touches the UI layer, the core simulation is unchanged.

The tutorials on Building, Farming, Stairs and all the Workshops need updated to point at the new Build tool and its children toolbars need to auto-scroll when they are offscreen. Together with key-bindings for the stockpiles this takes me through to Wednesday.

Athena joins me on Wednesday to re-work the test-plans for the new Build tool. It’s Athena’s last day so if you’re looking for a talented Game Designer/Narrative Designer/QA/Musician/DM, Athena comes highly recommended.

I write a script to update the build number when I push to the QA build pipeline, which I should have done three months ago. PowerShell is ‘fun’. It’s the the first language I’ve used that interprets reading an array without an index as the first element of that array and non-existent when writing to it. 😤🤯

I take time off on Thursday to enjoy a day of summer in Scotland! The red-collar sunburn is a deliberate style choice. My mind has other ideas and I end up researching real-world mapping datasets in the afternoon.

I do some bug-fixing on Friday morning but the weather is too nice and I take a wander in the afternoon.

I have some changes to make to stair-building and if everything goes to plan I’ll make a release next week with the new Build Tool.

- Jock

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