Week 150 Hold!

16 Jul 2022

The weather is too good to miss and I spend time this week walking around some of Edinburgh’s parks.

On Monday I’m looking at the conversation code and notice that a Dwerg joining an existing conversation requesting another to move out of the way is ignored. This explains why Dwergs will sometimes get stuck when moving in opposite directions down a tight corridor. The bug turns out to be deeper than first thought but I have a fix by the end of the day and it does improve the described situation.

On Tuesday I address some UI bugs and add a remove-building tile to distinguish it from remove-floor jobs. Having played with it since it feels a bit off, I expect I’ll revisit it along with all the mining-job tiles in the future.

On Wednesday I fix a few more issues and then look at improving the launch of the dedicated-server from within the Itch app. On Windows it runs invisibly and on Mac it opens Finder at the file location. For both it should be running in a command-prompt or terminal window.

On Thursday I drop the work on the dedicated-server to focus on going through the test-plan. This continues through to Friday where I am again out at Levels café connecting over VPN to a dedicated-server running at home. I experience a repeated crash and two other serious bugs which is why I am holding the release.

For the next week I will be making a release as soon as I fix the serious bugs. I will then be taking a few days off to enjoy some sunny weather.

- Jock

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