Week 152 Planning

30 Jul 2022

Planning for version 0.20

MonoGame 3.8.1​ was released on Monday and while planning I upgrade on Windows. Issues with .NET compatibilities prevent upgrading on Mac so I’ve parked that work for now.

Planning suggests I will take 38 days to complete the Critical Review Tasks followed by a week of testing and bug-fixing I expect the next release to be around 10th September.

On Wednesday and Thursday I reduce the amount of seed items and fix clan creation so that Dwerg tiles match their jobs and their title matches the assigned responsibility they are most capable of. Adding statements to conversations about long-term mood-modifiers finishes off the week.

For the next week I’ll add a Dwerg’s surroundings as input to conversations, introduce the cancel tool and removing buildings with the mine tool in a tutorial, and apply interpolation on some of the ambient audio.​

- Jock

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