Week 156 Treehopper Troubles

27 Aug 2022

Treehopper video Treehoppers

I charge on with spawning Treehopper nests and the Treehopper behaviour and have everything working by Friday. Then I start looking at periodically spawning Dire Wolves at the edge of the map and hit a stumbling block. The nest spawning is managed by a script but scripts do not run in networked games.

I did intend scripts to run in networked games and I’ve done part of the work for it. I gave up when I considered what would happen when two clients have progressed the same script to different points. Defining the nest spawning parameters in a template file and triggering it with a flag from script is less risky. In networked games, if any client has the flag set then nests will be spawned.

Adding the wandering Dire Wolves is straightforward, re-using the same mechanism that keeps the deer population up, but with a flag and timing constraint.

For the next week I’ll be fixing the Treehopper nest-spawning and updating the mouse controls.

- Jock

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