Week 157 Move Selection

03 Sep 2022

Mouse Controls, Move Selection, Depth Visibility video Mouse Controls, Move Selection, Depth Visibility

This week I’ve done twice as much work as planned and I just need to do that again to fit everything into the release!

I’ve seen a couple of users drag-select Dwergs and not realise they have successfully done so. Adding audio feedback and framing the selected Dwergs solves this.

Tools were constrained to 16-tiles-cubed volumes to prevent lag in networked games. This constraint is increased to 80-tiles-cubed for single-player games.

Showing 30 depth levels is pointless if there is nothing to see there. Now only those layers that are visible can be reached. The ‘Levels Control’ on the right only shows the visible ones, expanding as you delve deeper. Adds to a sense of discovery too.

Default tool actions are moved to the left mouse button. Panning is done with the middle mouse and a context-menu is shown with the right.

To give a sense of there being a home, Dwergs will now gather in Dining Rooms. This is one of a few ‘Idle’ jobs that will be added to in the future.

For the next week I’ll be adding item containers to help with reducing the clutter in stockpiles, extending the context-menu for the View tool, testing and making a release.

- Jock

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