Week 159 Holihay

18 Sep 2022

This week I took some time off to visit family and help shift some 750 bales of hay.

I did find an annoying bug that would have haulers repeatedly re-stocking items in stockpiles. I released version to fix that on Monday.

As mentioned last week, I’ve contracted graphic designer Iain Dobie to make a logo and find a more readable in-game font. I spent some time on Tuesday experimenting with the Spectral font in various sizes and flavours. A handful of UI tweaks will accompany this work.

For the next week I’ll finish up the work on the UI and fonts, plan out the next piece of work and get started on it. The next piece of work is to have “Personalities noticeably affect gameplay”. I started outlining what this work involved a few weeks ago and it’s a very large piece. I expect I’ll break it up into those effects that can be added without new features and do that lot for the next release.

- Jock

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