Week 161 Context Menu

01 Oct 2022

Context Menu video Context Menu

I start this week finishing personalities affecting Relationship and Mood changes in conversations. Close personalities will improve these more and deteriorate them less, and vice-versa for distant personalities.

Continuing with the context-menu I add panels for Terrain, Plants and Water. These give more detail and a bit of descriptive text. On Thursday and Friday, I add a Jobs panel which shows requirements, priority, who has been assigned to it, a progress bar and anything that is preventing its completion. I finish Friday with a change to the UI layout code that involves a lot of fiddling with positions and padding.

I may be starting a contract job in November, and I need to spend a week refreshing my skills in a relevant technology. I will also be attending Roguelike Celebration from 22nd-23rd and Scottish Games Week from 24th-28th October. The contract job will significantly reduce the time I have to spend on Dwerg Saga so I’m planning to make another release on the 15th of October.

For the next week, there is a bit more work to do on the Context Menu and I’ve found a number of bugs over the past few weeks. The GameDevEd group is meeting again every other Tuesday in Ox184, and I have notes from a playtest that need organised. In fact, my Trello TODO list has over 300 cards in it, so I have a lot of organising to do. I’d also like to adjust the difficulty curve and spend more time playtesting myself.

- Jock

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