Week 163 Holding

15 Oct 2022

I start this week making tool quality affect how quickly Dwergs do their jobs. There are eight places to make changes and a different test for each. This sounds less than optimal but it lets me see exactly how long jobs take and verify quality will always make a difference. I do the same for tool material and finish by increasing the duration for most jobs.

A common UI idiom is Shift-clicking to add, and Ctrl-clicking to subtract. I add this to Dwerg selection with the Move tool. I also fix its drag-selection, so all highlighted Dwergs are selected, added or removed.

On Wednesday I’m faced with a decision, either add the difficulty progression and miss the release-date or start testing. I decide to go ahead with the difficulty progression but encounter some difficulties and end up implementing a cut-down version of it.

I get through the full test-plan on Thursday but need to add tests for the context-menu and game-panels I’ve added. I find only one bug, fixing it on Friday I get most of the upgrade-path testing done too.

Some minor tweaks and network-testing will take me through to Monday when I will make the release. The rest of the week will be spent getting up to speed on technology for the possible contract job.​

- Jock

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